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Discipline Policy and Procedures

Washington State is home to some of the nation’s best schools. Restorative Correction will help your school establish a sustainable, effective, OSPI complaint discipline policy.

Restorative Correction provides educators with tools and techniques to sustainably correct unhealthy behavior. It is a discipline policy ideal for Washington school districts that are looking to meet mandated OSPI standards and regulations.

Restorative Correction policy framework is based in Restorative Justice and the principles are based in Love and Logic (www.loveandlogic.com). This framework of Love and Logic within Restorative Justice works to create and maintain an optimum learning environment. Restorative Correction builds cooperation and morale in students; especially those practicing disruptive, aggressive, or self-criticizing behaviors because the underlying root cause of their behavior is being addressed. Restorative Correction also supports students, directly affected by adverse behavior, to self-advocate.

Our Approach

All-Star Kiddos helps school districts form district-wide discipline plans that are in full compliance with the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Restorative Correction discipline policy, and procedures are in full compliance with WAC 392-400-110.

We provide written policies and procedures for supporting students in meeting behavioral expectations. We identify other forms of discipline that school personnel should administer before or instead of administering classroom exclusion, suspension, or expulsion to support students in meeting behavioral expectations. This includes early involvement of parents and students in the resolution of behavioral violations for which discipline may be administered. We establish appeal and review procedures related to the administration of suspension, expulsions, and emergency expulsions, consistent with WAC 392-400-430 through 392-400-530. We appropriately identify and provide educational services the school district offers to students during a suspension or expulsion and the procedures to be followed for the provision of educational services under WAC 392-400-610. We provide a process for students who have been suspended or expelled to petition for readmission; and we assure consistency with the model policy developed under RCW 28A.345.090.

Our Providers

Our providers are behavioral health clinicians and are fully trained in Restorative Correction policy and procedures. They are teachers like you, with a strong focus on behavioral health, policy and adaptive, comprehensive training.


The results of employing Restorative Correction are consistently as follows…

  • Higher reported teacher satisfaction
  • Improved job performance
  • Lower rate of reported teacher burn-out
  • Reduced turn-over
  • Higher reported confidence from parents in teachers’ decisions
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved behavior
  • Higher reported student satisfaction with teacher and school
  • Lower rate of attrition

The value is seen in the results and is best described by the teachers and the students. Teachers tend to describe the value of Restorative Correction by being able to enjoy their students more, feeling confident and able to manage and correct unwelcome, disruptive behavior. Students tend to adapt to new classroom protocol quickly and respond to the Restorative Correction method positively as their underlying root cause of their behaviors are being addressed.

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