Brandy Simison

Child Behavioral Specialist

Hello and welcome! My name is Brandy Simison. I founded All-Star Kiddos to branch out on my own to become a Child Behavior Specialist. I always imaged it would grow to serve more families. I did not imagine the depth of needs it would grow to meet! Today we serve families, not only in their home, but at All-Star Kiddos, in out after-school program. Further, we not help school districts and other education-based institutions to utilize Restorative Correction, a sustainable disciplinary policy that meets Washington State OSPI standards and regulations. Our commitment is to nurture and develop children to their cognitive and behavioral potential. We pride ourselves on crediting programs that do just that. In fact, we founded out after-school program to meet the needs of clients who were struggling to find or keep after-school care. They were finding were finding that the after-school programs were not designed to manage, let along improve, their child’s behavior. So now we offer an after-school program, covered by most health insurance policies, to nurture and develop your child to their cognitive-behavioral potential. I hope you find the help you’re looking for.

Other Programs Offered...
  • All-Star Kiddos
  • All-Star Academy
  • Summer Camps

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